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    SONY a99

    The brain-trust at SONY still disregards the obvious advantage of having built-in RF flash trigger/ratio control.

    Here we actually had as golden an opportunity as was practical to give the photographer complete remote control over 2.4 MHz flash systems.. and instead, we go back to the good ol' ISO Hot Shoe. Huh? This is progress? Sounds more like gutless conformity to me.

    Just seems silly, in many ways. Sure, I suppose having the ISO option would be great, but not having the RF seems... like a missed opportunity. Relying on third-party solutions lacks that "professional" aspect of the line. Then again, SONY would probably overprice all the necessary accessories, like they usually do. Maybe it is better they don't.

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    The $2800 price point is going to be a little rough to justify, if you already have an a850/a900 camera, but then again... times are so good... why not? Just pull that wallet out, grab the plastic... and slide it in the groove. All done. Wasn't that easy?

    Still, I cannot say I am into making movies with a still camera. I may just wait this one through, until the 36MP unit is out.

    24.6 MP (a850/a900) versus 24.3MP (a99) just does not motivate me enough to want to drop all that coin. I'll let someone else go first.

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    When it comes to SD Memory versus SONY's Memory Stick.. SD steps ahead:

    Burst Buffer :

    w/ SD (UHS-I compliant) memory card: Cont. shooting Hi: Extra FINE 15, FINE 24, STD 29, RAW 15, RAW+JPEG 12 Tele-zoom Cont. Advance Priority AE (8 fps): Extra FINE 20, FINE 28, STD 31, RAW 19, RAW+JPEG 18 Tele-zoom Continuous Advance Priority AE (10 fps): Extra FINE 20, FINE 26, STD 28

    w/ Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo: Continuous shooting Hi: Extra FINE 14, FINE 18, STD 20, RAW 13, RAW+JPEG 11 Tele-zoom Continuous Advance Priority AE (8 fps): Extra FINE 17, FINE 20, STD 24, RAW 17, RAW+JPEG 16 Tele-zoom Continuous Advance Priority AE (10 fps): Extra FINE 18, FINE 22, STD 24

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    I guess it is time for a lot of former SONY members (the a3xx crowd) to return to the fold. LOL... it certainly took a while.

    BTW: Irresponsible photography is at an end... this baby has GPS! "Where was that taken?" never has to cross your path, again.
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