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    help in choosing travel zoom


    Hoping someone out there may be able to offer suggestions which will enable me to make a decision regarding the best camera for my particular requirements. Even after reading reviews I can't seem to
    get a real feel for what might suit best.
    My apologies if this reproduces a previous message (which I thought I had sent but seems to have vanished into the ether).

    I'm looking at a compact point & shoot camera, probably not a DSLR, but perhaps something in between.
    I don't have the know-how at this stage to benefit from from a high level of control, so a camera that does much of the thinking would probably be best.

    I am very much an amateur photographer, but wish to get the very best quality prints possible given constraints of budget of below 400 (I would also like an opinion as to best small zoom camera if there was no constraint on expenditure necessary).

    I mainly print 5x7 but would like the quality to be there for larger prints if needed. I only have basic photo software so while capable of some tweaking would prefer that it was perfect without.
    I currently have a 6year old Sony DSC-W50 chosen at the time primarily for the advantages of a compact camera.

    I do not wish to be laden down with weight or extra equipment so small (not necessarily tiny) camera is important. Great image quality is important. I am frustrated by current lack of zoom and really want a camera which excels in giving the ability to get quality images as well as zoom. I'm not at all sure sure how much zoom I can expect while maintaining quality images.

    I don't necessarily need a lot of extras like GPS or HD movie.
    Main use travel photos, ladcape architectural detail, people from a distance, birds, flowers.
    Will not be using for sport, and mostly not indoors or lowlight conditions.
    Don't tend to upgrade unless really have to so plan on keeping long term.

    I print primarily 5x7 but would like the option of high quality larger photos from time to time, and just have basic software so minimal tweaking options and would prefer to get a great image initially.
    I don't have any particular brand preferences but have been looking at the following:

    Canon Powershot SX230HS
    Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ150EB-K
    Nikon Coolpix P510
    Sony DMC TZ HX20V

    If anyone out there can help with suggestions regarding the above (or one I have not considered)
    I really would appreciate it.

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    If I were to look at the reviews on this site at this link:


    It would seem to me that the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 would be my choice for superzoom point-and-shoots.
    Nikon D40|Nikon D5100|AF-S 50mm f/1.4|AF-S 18-105mm DX|SB 900|SB 400|AF-S 35mm f/1.8 DX|AF-S 10-24mm DX

    Canon A610


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