From zoom to wide. Now I am thinking to get a wide lens. I believe that the main contestants are the Tokina 11-16mm and the Sigma 8-16mm. Here in Japan, the Tokina is about a whole $170 cheaper than the Sigma. Two reasons for that:

- The revised version of the Tokina has been released for both the Nikon and Canon mount, and this lead to an all round price drop on the original version.. including the Sony for some reason (even though there has been no announcement about the second version being made for it).

- More fact than reason, the Sigma is about $75 more expensive in Japan compared to the US. To recap, the Sigma $775 and the Tokina $605.

If I was to buy today I would definitely go for Tokina. Price does matter.

Two things is holding me back.

1. Though there has been no announcement of the revised version of the Tokina for the Sony, and it took them about 2 years to release the first version on it, I am a bit worried that they will be quicker this time around. On the Nikon / Canon amount, the revised version is about $100 more expensive than the original. Not too sure if that is enough to make it a good buy for the budget conscious.

2. I *could* acquire the Sigma from the US for $700. In which case, the Sigma would be $75 more expensive than what I can get the Tokina for. Suddenly it gets a bit trickier.

Couple of questions:

1. Suppose I want to do night scenary shots but I (will) have a tripod. Will it render the f/2.8 redundant?
2. Do many places (where a wide angle is desirable) forbid tripods (having never owned one, I never paid attention)? This would be the one situation where the Tokina has the decisive edge.. but I am not sure how common it might be.
3. Is bokeh still relevant on a wide angle?

Are there any common misconception I need to know about wide angle before I invest in one? I am looking for something to shoot landscapes and the buildings when travelling. Also, as I work in property, I am thinking that it might be handy when shooting the interior of buildings with it.