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    What point and shoot long zoom camera should I buy?


    My name is Dennis. I am an amateur photographer and like to have my camera with me when I am out hiking or bike riding.

    I have been researching 15x to 20x optical zoom compact point and shoot cameras, since my main interest is in capturing landscape and wildlife photos. I have read some expert and customer reviews, but have still not decided which camera is best for me.

    I am more interested in a small camera I can take out of my shirt or pants pocket quickly to shoot photos. I would not mind having a camera with some manual functionality, but that is not a qualifying factor at this stage for me. I want consistently good photo quality and a point and shoot that performs well in low light situations. I would also like to be able to shoot an occasional video and would prefer a 1080 HD video system with good audio.

    The features I am interested in are:

    - 15x-20x optical zoom
    - 12-16 Megapixel
    - Good Image Stabilization, or best available for a long zoom point and shoot camera
    - Takes good photos in low light situations
    - Good night scene photo quality
    - Relatively easy to use
    - 1080 HD with good audio

    I have developed a short list of cameras that caught my attention. However, every camera seems has its pros and cons. So, if your feedback does not cover any of the cameras listed below, so be it. Of course any other recommendations are very welcome.

    -Nikon S9300
    -Sony Cybershot HX9V
    -Canon SX260
    -Fuji Fine Pix P770 EXR

    My budget is between $275 to $400.

    It is my understanding that the Nikon, Sony, and Canon all have pretty good picture quality and video-audio. The Fuji EXR series has gotten pretty good reviews for picture quality, but not so good reviews for video quality.

    Does anyone own one of the above cameras, care to comment on any experiences from owning or using any of these cameras, and what do you think is a great value for a point and shoot long zoom compact camera that would meet my needs?

    Thank you,

    Dennis Manz

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    Why do you need one that performs well in low light situations? What will you be taking photos of in low light outdoors? A compact ultrazoom that does will in low light will be hard to find. On your list the reviews here said:

    -Nikon S9300 - there are are better choices.
    -Sony Cybershot HX9V - ok but Lots of detail smudging and mottling of solid color. Corner blurring can be strong.
    -Canon SX260 - good
    -Fuji Fine Pix P770 EXR - You mean F770? Not reviewed here but Fuji F cameras haven't had a good review since the F70.

    Here is a 2011 compact super zoom comparison. Canon SX230 was best so I presume the SX260 would be good now. The Pan ZS10 didn't rate well but the ZS15 review says it is much improved so that may be one of the best options now. Olympus SZ series may be worth looking into, also.

    I've owned several older model compact ultrazooms and have been most happy with Fuji F70, Pan TZ5, and Pan ZS3. Fuji 70 does better in low light than the panasonics. But the Pan's have more zoom. I haven't bought a newer model than those because the new ones don't seem any better. But out of the new ones the Pan ZS15, Canon SX, and Oly SZ30 interest me the most.
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    Sony NEX 3 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. Canon 300HS, Fuji F70, Panasonic ZS19.

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