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Thread: Samsung EX2F

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    Samsung EX2F

    Hi Jeff,

    I think you're not quite correct in several instances regarding the EX2F. Firstly, the sensor size: it's 116mm˛ for the RX100, and 41,5mm˛ for the EX2F, so the Sony's sensor is "only" 2.7 times as large. The crop factor of the Sony is slightly less than twice as large.

    Secondly, although at wide angle the RX100 is "only" about 2/3 of a stop slower than the EX2F, and should therefore offer superior low light quality and shallower DOF, the picture changes quite a bit as you zoom in: at the EX2F's maximum zoom of 80mm equivalent, the physical aperture size (and therefore the DOF potential) is near-as-makes-no-difference equal between the RX100 and the EX2F. The Samsung is about 1.5 stops faster, which will go a long way to cancel out the RX100's advantage in sensor size (although it's not yet possible to judge the net effect, especially since the Samsung has the largest BSI-CMOS sensor yet, with an as yet unknown efficiency). My point being that, apart from wide angle, the EX2F should be competitive with the RX100 in terms of DOF and low light capabilities. They each have their own USP's (size, screen, lens reach at wide or tele etcetera), but in terms of IQ, I don't think they'll be as far apart as the difference in sensor size suggest.

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks for that Bart. I'm definitely going to get my hands on the EX2F, the RX100, and the newly announced DMC-LX7 and we'll see how they compare!
    Jeff Keller
    Founder/Editor, Digital Camera Resource Page

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