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    Canon SX30IS problems

    I got the Canon SX30IS for Christmas and have been having problems with the settings.
    I started to notice that in the auto mode it takes grainy pictures, so I started to take pictures in the program mode and it starts taking great pictures but randomly it starts taking grainy pictures.
    I started to search the what settings the program shot the particular pictures and I noticed the grainy picture were taken at a higher ISO, some of the pictures were inside a well lit recreation room and it was taking the pictures at 80 ISO then it jump on the following pictures the camera selected 400 ISO therefore the picture was grainy.
    Has anyone any suggestion or it is a problem with the camera.
    Please help.

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    If you want full control of the ISO settings, take the camera out of Auto modes. It is metering the scene and deciding to use a higher ISO than you would want. That's one of the downsides of auto modes - the camera can be fooled by something dark in the center of the frame or the way the lighting hits the sensor. High ISO = grainy images, so you want to do whatever you can to avoid that. You can set the ISO yourself and let the camera do all of the other settings, but you may end up with some dark photos unless you use flash. I don't think there's anything wrong with your camera.

    The camera can only work with the available light. You can change the zoom, the f/stop, the shutter speed, and the ISO to add or remove light. You might consider reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson to learn what you can do to take better photos.

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