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    Laptop requirements for photographers?

    Hello, all,

    I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer (I use a Canon G12 and a Lumix FX47) who enjoys doing a certain amount of post-processing before printing images--I also like seeing my images on my computer. Currently I have a four-year-old Dell with a 15" screen, and it's decent. I just bought a new laptop, though (a Toshiba 17"), hoping to have an even crisper image, and was shocked to see that I could see the individual squares making up the screen--and looking far coarser than the picture on my old laptop. I know that for really high-end photo viewing and processing a desktop is better, but surely there's a laptop out there that doesn't look worse than one I got four years ago.

    So my question is, what technical specs are necessary to get a laptop that shows decent images? (Or are there no rules, and should I just browse some models in stores?)


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    With the possible exception of some Macs, there really are not any laptop displays optimized for photography. If you are serious about editing there are a lot of discussions on good monitors in Shutterbug Magazine in the Digital Q&A column. The best low end deal is a specific Dell UltraSharp with a very wide color gamut.

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