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    Accessories (Tripod, Remote release) for A65

    Since I like shooting night scenes, I am looking to invest in a tripod and remote release.

    Regarding the tripod, I am almost set on a Gitzo. I am planning to hike Mt Fuji this summer, so I would like to invest in a carbon fibre tripod. I reckon that I should go with a series 2, since I do not have any massive lens. Still, I am not sure how to narrow down from there.

    1. But I am not too sure whether to go 3 sections or 4 sections: is the size difference really significant? Is the difference in stability that different (I hear that 3 section is more stable)?

    2. How does one decide on the series to go for?

    3. What does the last digit refers to (e.g. Gitzo 2531 vs 2532). As I understand, it refers to the "generation" of the tripod, but what does the newer version bring to the table?

    4. I am told that heavier is generally better when it comes to tripods. Yet the benefit of carbon fibre is that it's lighter. Some of the 2-series is under 1.5kg without head, is that really better than heavier aluminium / basalt?

    5. How does one decide on the height of the tripod? Is it dependent on my own height? What I shoot?

    Regarding the remote release, what are the benefits of going wired / wireless, Sony vs third party?
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