HELP ME, what whit NOT high prize digital camera….. I buy ?

Some peoples say in some forums:

CMOS sensors that Panasonic have replaced the previous generation of CCD are significantly lower than those of Canon and Sony, is an sensor half blind in the dark, with much noise! And they say they carefully avoid the compact Panasonic.

As photos: video looks like it wins on all the sony camera.

Others say they play safe with Sony DSC-HX7V-or-PANASONIC TZ20 (but it seems that in the video is trembling with fear!)

Others suggest the Sony HX-7V. with good pictures and great videos.

Lumix none cameras ?? Canon what the best powershot SX-230 or the new SX-260 ? the compat IXUS 220 (in USA named ELPH )or ixus 230 bad ? or I buy a Sony ????

But it seems that across the reviews on the web the sony are always the worst!?

So I take? that confusion in the head!

P. S. but none (maybe staying in canon) camera that makes great pictures and good HD video with
NOT the usual Lithium battery pack ,but 2 or 3 AA batteries to be replaced? anything acceptable exist with normal battery?