I have a Nikon AW100 that is about 1 month old. When the battery (I am using the original supplied with the camera) drains to 1/3 capacity, the camera will always lock up when I try to take a picture if GPS is enabled. This seems to occur the moment after GPS acquires a signal judging by the bars that appear on-screen. Disabling GPS stops this freeze from happening. When frozen the live view screen keeps updating but no buttons work - not even on / off. The only way to unfreeze the camera is to pull and reconnect the battery, which I have found I have to do for almost every photo in this scenario.

Has anyone else experienced this / found a fix (other than disabling GPS - which kind of defeats one of the points about owning a GPS enabled camera).

Could it be that at low battery there is not enough voltage for GPS? It seems that some priority for battery voltage is not set properly leading to this lock-up... well that's my theory as I have seen the exact same thing on a Motorola MC35 PDA.

The camera is only about 1 month old, hence unlikely to be due to an old worn battery.