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    Something to add to "Performance and Quality" section

    This is by far my favorite camera review site. It is non-techie enough for me as an amateur, but still contains lots of really useful data that I cqn use to compare cams.

    I keep the RSS feed on my Google Reader client and read all of the new reviews which interest me as they are posted. Most of the ime I am not in the market for a camera, I'm just keeping up with what's new. Over the past years, I've bought a 20D, an S90 and an SD800IS (all Canon) through this site, based on your recommendations. I have not regretted it once (I realize that you hated the controls and battery life on the S90, but the photo examples sold me).

    I'm thinking about replacing my antiquated 20D body. As I read through reviews, I find myself wishing for a couple of things. These are just suggestions based on my experience as a camera consumer.

    I like the detailed night and studio shot crops at various ISO settings (and high ISO raw conversion comparisons). Unfortunately, I personally never take studio shots and very rarely photograph outdoor night scenes. They provide a lot of good info and I find them valuable, but they aren't really how I commonly use my camera. I doubt that I'm alone in this.

    What I do find myself doing quite often is taking shots indoors in dim light without using a flash. My favorite gallery shot is the interior of the church which is in nearly every gallery.

    A standard crop from the church interior (or a similarly lit one) with various ISO comparisons would be incredibly useful. Perhaps you could force the camera to use an apeture which is common on kit lenses and post the shutter speed along with the iso and a crop. It need not be as compresensive as the night and studio ISO shots, but a few crops at a couple ISO/shutter combinations would be valuable.

    My second recommendation is to add to your Movie examples. Modern digital cameras are almost always used as both moving and still cameras. Personally, the ability to use a modern DSLR body for movies is my main reason for considering an upgrade.

    The thing which I find missing from the movie examples is, once again, low light indoor examples. Throwing a dimly lit interior movie scene into the movie examples would be very valuable, especially if you use the same scene on all reviews for comparing.

    Again, the site is incredibly valuable to me and I appreciate it just the way it is.

    Thanks a lot if you managed to read through all of this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffdrafttech View Post

    A standard crop from the church interior (or a similarly lit one) with various ISO comparisons would be incredibly useful.

    I think this site used to do such shots for camera reviews, but the location (a university or college?) where he did those shots asked him to discontinue using their location for such pictures. I presume you have a Canon 20D, and my impression from reviews is that Canon dSLRs are better at video than Nikon dSLRs.
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    Thanks Jeff for the feedback. Unfortunately I don't think the church in CHinatown would like it too much if I set up a tripod to take test shots. Right now I just slide myself into the back row and brace myself with the bench in front of me. I could take more shots from that position. What ISOs would you like to see more of.

    Low light movies would be nice too... finding a subject is not so easy. Will keep that in mind though.

    Jeff Keller
    Founder/Editor, Digital Camera Resource Page

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