While I love off camera flash for twilight and evening shoots it has never been enough power to shoot mid day in the sun. Today I bought myself a birthday gift to remedy that situation: an 1100 w/s elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS with an A head.

I've kept the modifiers to a minimum: a 27" and 39" Elinchrom deep Octabox, 7" reflector with grids, and a 16" Maxilite reflector.

I haven't shot with it yet but made the following observations:

1.) The build of the Elinchrom pack is good but it doesn't come close to comparing to the Profoto packs that I've used. It is also 1/2 the price of the Profoto packs which I couldn't justify for the amount of use I anticipate using it.

2.) With the optional Skyport RX transmitter and transceiver it is nice to be able to remotely adjust the power in 1/10th stop increments.

3.) The ability to have 7 stops of power is a nice feature.

4.) While the elinchrom mount doesn't compare to the more robust and adjustable Profoto mount the Rotolux octoboxes are well made and convenient to assemble with an integrated speed ring. The rods just lock into place with a little (sometimes more than a little) pressure. Much quicker setup and break down than a traditional speed ring.

5.) The unit weighs 8kg. More than I'd really like to carry (love speed lights) but 1100 w/s is a lot of light.

6.) The system recycles fast- 2.9 seconds at full power and can shoot 250 full power flashes on a single charge and unlike speed lights it has a real modeling light.

7.) The A Speed head is amazing for freezing action at up to 1/5120s

I hope to be doing some shooting with it next week and will post pictures.