Hi everyone,

my name is Michael, I am a PhD Student from Germany and I wanted to ask you kindly to help me with my PhD thesis.

I am conducting my own research about digital cameras in search engines and I need as many participants as possible. I constructed an online survey, which takes about 12 minutes, is of course absolutely anonynous and only serves as data for my thesis.

I will donate $0.50 for every completed survey to save "Save the children"! So please help me with 12 minutes of your time, answering the following questionnaire:


I hope this thread doesn't annoye readers. This survey is not commercial in any way. I am just a camera fascinated PhD student and I do't have enough money to buy data or participants, so I wanted to ask forum readers to help me with 12 minutes of their time.

Thank you a lot for you help!
Best regards from Germany,