I recently had the LCD display fail on my A350, which is out of warranty, producing the quandary of who to have make repairs. After some research, I discovered United Camera Repair (unitedcamera.com). As it happens, they happen to be located right in Don's backyard, so I checked with him to see what he knew about them. Though he hadn't had a camera body worked on, he had successfully had lenses worked on, so off the body went to them.

22 days later, the camera is back, working great. Given the camera had to be shipped halfway across the country twice, and they had to order the part, most of that was in shipping, so the turnaround was "on time" as far as their promise, and entirely within reason.

They list cleaning as well as a number of other repair functions with a set price, but they don't mention that they will include cleaning with any more major repair at no additional charge, and so I paid for that as well when I prepared my work order. However, they credited my credit card the extra amount I paid for the cleaning.

All this comes under the heading of doing what they should do, but in this day and age, we have probably all encountered situations where that didn't happen. And since we all hopefully don't have to have significant work done very often, most of us don't have a "regular" repair place we are frequent customers of, so I thought I'd share my experience that this outfit seems to do good work on time, in case any one else finds themselves in the unfortunate position of having to have a piece of expensive gear worked on.