Hi guys I have my old Minolta Maxxum STsi camera and 2 pairs of good lenses... but its time for me to go digital... so I think i could save some money if i use my lenses and just buy a new digital body that works with them. I dont really need something professional and expensive.. so I'm think of getting Sony α (alpha) NEX-3 14.2 MP. I want to be able to make videos with my camera and thats why I chose this model( NEX5 is even better for HD videos but its a lot more expensive). So my question is.. will my Minolta lenses fir the NEX 3 or do i need adapter.. if i do what kind would it be.. there is 3 kinds:
1) M42 Lens to Sony E mount
2) Minolta MD MC lens to Sony E-Mount
3) Minolta AF MA lens adapter ring to Sony Alpha
I would guess i need the 3rd one, the MA adapter
If you know any other not very expensive model that makes video recordings and fits my lenses i would appreciate if you share thank you ))