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Nick, congrats on new toy. i was toying with the idea but after having invested many Ks into my high end system i cannot explain to my wife why i need a camera like this. :-(
bloody darn good DSLR but Canon went out of their mind appointing a price tag over 3k euros for Europe, i hoped it would be some 2.5K max but... so i took mint 1Dmk3 instead, not FF but crop factor small compared to 1.6..... of course i will miss new gimmicks but may be next year i add FF to my collection. :-)))

love photos, post more results. seems in camera HDR is not so bad after all? do you think Canon HDR + PP can replace GND?
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Nick, thanks for posting Nikon vs Canon video....... Had some loud laughs and emailed to my friends. But seriously it looks Canon finally pulled a champion camera, high on my list if i decide to upgrade in future. Seems IQ, ISO, Ai and AF just superb, i am not sure if i can understand why Nikon praised for deeper color while in photos i can hardly distnguish. So post more your experience and photos and happy shooting.

Again LOL rewatching that video.
Thanks! It is a pricy little bugger that is for sure! For someone like me who doesn't rely on his camera to put food on the table it is a luxury item for sure. My wife was pretty supportive about it though. We just had our first little rug rat 6 months ago so I think she was a little more receptive towards spending some coin on camera equipment.

About the HDR, it has it's limitations so a GND is still a useful tool. Take this shot for example, with the wind blowing the grass around the camera starts making all sorts of artifacts. (not that a GND would help this shot, but you get the idea)

_Y3C9391 by brownrigg.nick, on Flickr

I guess one could spend some time in photoshop cleaning it all up but I don't have the patience (or skill) for that. I'd rather get it in camera anyway.

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Nicely done Nick. I shot an event with a borrowed 1D X last week - which operationally is now quite similar to the 5D Mark III. I concur the flexibility in customisation is a big drawcard.

1D X is now shipping in numbers here in Aus as of this week (my dealer called me today to see if I wanted one), for now though I think I'll grab the 5D Mark III - as it's now very much a 'mini 1D' and is half the price. I need a camera for the weekend, and I sold my Mark II a while ago. Time to buy.

One little gripe I have is with the AF system - I really miss having the ability to select only the outer ring of nine AF points tied to the rear wheel. It's so much faster then the multi-controller.

Also, I think I would find more use for a true ISO 50 than 25,600 - but that's just me.
Awesome, any problems with the "dark AF points" I can't say it's really affected me. That seems to be the only universal issue people are complaining about.

I enjoy the video mode too. This was taken in some really horrible light. ISO 25 600 or something like that.


Few other recent shots...

_Y3C8623 by brownrigg.nick, on Flickr

_Y3C8641 by brownrigg.nick, on Flickr

The evil little bugger likes to wake up at 4 am

_Y3C8960 by brownrigg.nick, on Flickr

But you can't stay mad at him...

_Y3C9023 by brownrigg.nick, on Flickr

Maybe a little overcooked but I like it....

_Y3C8093 by brownrigg.nick, on Flickr