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    16+GB SDHC for SX10, compact ~$40-70 backpackable tripod?

    Hi. I'm looking for a 16 or 32 GB SDHC card for my Canon SX10 IS.

    I'm currently down to just an 8 GB Kingston class 4 card, but it works fine. I misplaced another identical one, have also lost an A-Data 8GB class 6, broken off the write protect tab on another, and am using a third in my Zoom H2n audio recorder.
    (The camera's mic doesn't work, so I'm using the H2n for recording audio with my videos. To help with syncing the audio, I usually record a few seconds of the H2n's display then use single-frame review and excel to calculate where to cut the H2n's file and import into the video via AviDemux.)
    I've had problems with data corruption on a white A-Data 16GB class 6 card, as well as a class 10 Kingston 16 GB. I do want to try another 16 or 32 GB card, though. I'm getting tired of having to swap out the card so frequently - every hour and a half or so, and being down to one card means I have to take several precious minutes to offload the videos.
    BTW, buying another camera isn't in my near future plans, although I do try to keep up somewhat on the reviews / announcements now and then.

    So what should I be looking for in a SDHC card? With my current hardware I expect that a Class 4 card should be fine (my c4 Kingston 8GB has no problems with 480p video recording - the highest setting on my SX10, and I expect it'll be a while before I look for and buy another camera). Some 16 GB cards I'm looking at ($12.50 to $15 range + tax on NewEgg) are the Kingston class 4, Team class 10, Kingston class 10, Kingston video class 4. A few 32GB cards I'm also considering are the Team class 6, Patriot class 4 and PNY class 4. My search isn't limited to those specific ones, but I'd like to keep the cost below about $1 per GB. Are there any particular brands (besides the overpriced brand-name Sandisks/Lexars) / types I should steer clear of, or should target in my search? I'm looking at getting somewhere between 32 and 64 GB of memory cards (a minimum of 2 cards). I may also consider throwing an 8 GB in there as well.
    Also what brands are reliable for micro SDHC cards? I'd like to get a 16 or 32 GB card for my T-Mobile G1 cell phone for holding music. (I know it's an older model, but I'm not quite ready to upgrade to a new one yet, even though some things, including the camera, don't work anymore.) A class 2 card should be good enough, but chances are I'll probably get a class 4 or 6.

    Also I'd like to find a compact (but not tabletop) backpackable tripod to use with my SX10. I do have a Velbon CX-690 which for my current use and the price I paid (somewhere around $50-70 at Fry's a few years or so ago) works well enough. However, it only folds down to about 24 inches long, and I need something that compacts down to at most 18 inches (preferably 15-16 inches) to fit inside my backpack. (I don't think strapping it to the outside is a good idea especially in the rural outdoor environments I may sometimes have it in.) I don't expect this tripod would replace my CX-690 for more-demanding use (which itself would very likely be replaced when I start getting a dSLR system sometime in the future, although I think the Velbon may still work with an APS-C-sensor dSLR and up to a 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 lens).

    So what should I look for in a tripod in the $45-70 range? The Velbon has 3 leg sections and extends to 63 inches and compacts to about 24 inches. As I'm wanting something that compacts to 15 or 18 inches, I'm probably going to want one with at least 4 or 5 leg sections. I'd like it to extend to at least 54 inches, and 60-66 would be nice if possible. I also like the 3-way head on the CX-690, so if I can have something similar it would be nice. (I'm not sure how well a ball head would work for me, and I don't need or want an interchangeable head.) Also I like the leg locks on the CX-690 (not sure exactly what they're called). I would not trust twist-lock legs or the type on a "tripod" like the Tamrac Zipshot (which is a tripod I am *NOT* considering). Also being able to "invert" the mount so I can have the camera below the legs' fulcrum would be nice, but not being able to in my price range is not a deal breaker (so long as I can easily point the camera right at the ground, for example). I will often be using this in outdoor environments, but being in Southern California, the weather is usually relatively kind compared to some other places. (We are expecting rain this weekend, but then I might not be using my camera outdoors in that weather, so I wouldn't expect to be using the tripod, either.)

    I've read the posts on various forums about good tripods being several hundred bucks. As my ~$50-70 Velbon has worked well enough for me with my non-SLR, except for not being able to compact small enough to fit in my backpack, I expect a similarly-priced more-compactable tripod should be good enough for my current needs. Later when I get a dSLR I expect to get a better tripod (and possibly even before then).

    I'm hoping to buy the tripod, probably at Fry's (or maybe Ritz or another local retailer) in/near San Diego, CA, and the memory card either at Fry's, or online at NewEgg, B&H or Amazon - both hopefully within the next week or two.

    Also I have another reason for wanting a second tripod. Another of my hobbies (besides casual photography, as well as playing the piano (hence my pianoplayer88key username)) is distant AM radio station listening using portable radios, and I'd like to be able to somehow attach the radio to a tripod to be able to orient the antenna however I want. (For more info on how to do that, I'll probably be asking on a radio-related forum / chat, especially as I'll want to be able to figure out how to attach an external loop antenna AND my radio simultaneously to the same tripod, and - well it's better if I ask about that on a more appropriate forum.) I may even consider getting a third tripod, which would be below $30-35 or so, and primarily used to attach the radio and antenna to it, so I could fit both new tripods in my backpack simultaneously. Either way I would still keep the CX-690 for now as I expect there will be quite a few things it would be better for.

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    With respect to your memory card dilemma, I wouldn't dismiss the higher-priced cards so quickly. Sure they can cost more initially, but what you're paying for is guaranteed higher read/write speeds (not just the manufacturer's hype), and reliability. You mention you've experienced data corruption with A-Data and Kingston. Was the lower initial price worth all the hassle trying to recover your precious photos and videos from those cheaper cards?

    Personally, I stick with genuine SanDisk because (touch wood) I've used them for years and never had any trouble with them. The problem is making sure you're buying the genuine article and not a cheap fake. I believe most of the cheap SanDisks you see on eBay are fakes. On the other hand, Amazon have SanDisk Ultra 16Mb Class 4 cards for under $20, and Ultra 32Gb cards for under $35. At that price, is it worth possible hassles in the future for the sake of a dollar or two?
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    Don't remember if I said it in the original post, but I'd be willing to pay a little extra for much better quality / reliability.
    Also, I thought the class ratings meant a guaranteed sustained writing speed of X MB/second - for example a class 6 card would by definition be guaranteed to have a sustained write speed of at least 6 MB/sec.

    So what do you think of these?

    16GB Kingston class 4 (5/5 score, 63 reviews) - $12.49 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820134617 - I have an 8 GB of this (had 2 but have misplaced one) that I've been using without problems | B&H = 4.5/5 score, 116 reviews, $12.95 - http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...mory_Card.html
    16GB PNY class 4 (5/5 score, 24 reviews) - $14.95 - http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...mory_Card.html
    16GB Kingston class 10 (4/5 score, 15 reviews) - $14.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820139553 - The label on this is blue, I had problems with a red-labeled one purchased at Fry's
    16GB Sandisk class 4 (5/5 score, 8 reviews) - $14.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820171481 - with my SX10, do I really need a faster card? the 8 GB Class 4 Kingston mentioned earlier works just fine | B&H = 5/5 score, 18 reviews, $15.95 + shipping - http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...mory_Card.html
    16GB Kingston class 4 "Video" (5/5 score, 9 reviews) - $14.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820134860 - what's the difference between this and the cheaper class 4 Kingston?
    16GB Sandisk Ultra class 4 (4/5 score, 34 reviews) - $19.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820171349 - any reason why this one's rated as class 4 when it's supposed to be an "ultra"? (I thought ultra meant faster write speeds?)

    32GB Patriot class 4 (4/5 score, 44 reviews) - $26.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820220359
    32GB Sandisk class 4 (5/5 score, 1 review) - $27.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820171482
    32GB PNY Optima 32GB class 4 (5/5 score, 15 reviews) - $27.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820178212
    32GB Patriot LX class 10 (4/5 score, 114 reviews) - $29.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820220452
    32GB Transcend class 6 (5/5 score, 14 reviews) - $31.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820208473
    32GB Kingston class 4 (5/5 score, 44 reviews - $34.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820134716 - as mentioned earlier, an 8 GB version of this has been fine
    32GB Sandisk Ultra class 4 (5/5 score, 41 reviews) - $34.99 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820171359 - see my earlier comment re: 16GB Sandisk Ultra; also noticed a $58.99 Sandisk Extreme 32GB rated at class 10

    I'm not considering any that have a lower than 80-90% positive review score. I'll probably be buying either locally from Fry's, or online from NewEgg or B&H. (I'd also consider Amazon as well but navigating the memory cards section is giving me a bit of information overload.)

    Would the non-ultra Sandisk cards work ok? Since an 8 GB class 4 Kingston has worked just fine, should I consider the 16 or 32 GB versions? Or is there a possibility that my Canon SX10 (and/or Zoom H2n) devices that I would be using the cards in just don't properly work with larger than an 8 GB card? (I'd really like to use a 16 or 32 GB so I don't have to swap the card out so often.)

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    The difference between the highest and lowest priced 16G card is $7? Are you really going to spend that much time worrying about it? One lost photo due to corruption on your existing cards isn't worth it. All the cards on your list will work fine.

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    Well I dropped a bit over $40 for a basic class 4 Sandisk 32GB card at Walmart late last week. So far it seems to be working fine for the intended use. It was a few bucks more than I wanted to pay (I think I could have ordered one online for less) but I was going out of town the next day (or later the same day, can't remember now) and needed it on my camping trip in the San Bernardino mountains.

    I still would like to find a relatively inexpensive tripod for my P&S (Canon SX10) that is similar quality to my Velbon CX-690 (which has served me quite well except when panning in videos gets a little sticky/jumpy, but I'm no pro anyway), for around $50-80 (ballpark of what I remember payng at Fry's several years ago). I'd prefer one that has similar height extension capability, but folds down to a smaller size - no more than about 15 to 18 inches (the 18 being a hard limit, meaning the box can't be longer than that). I prefer a 3-way pan/tilt head, but do ball heads also come with that handle that allows aiming the camera? Also I prefer the clamp locks or whatever the ones on the Velbon are called. I'm not sure I'd trust twist lock, and definitely not something like the Tamrac Zipshot. Also being able to mount the camera below the fulcrum would be nice, but won't be a deal breaker if I can't.
    I don't expect to use this for a dSLR, except maybe something like a Rebel with up to a $500 or so 3rd-party zoom lens (like the Tamron 18-270 F/3.5-6.3). I'd be much more likely to buy a more expensive tripod when I get a dSLR. (Speaking of which I'm wanting Canon to come out with an EF-mount full frame mirrorless body and a pancake 50mm F/1.8 or faster prime in the next year or two.)
    Is there anything reasonable in that range? I did see a few Manfrotto Photo/Movie ones at B&H and I think Fry's had one in my range; I've read on other sites that Manfrotto has a good reputation, or can I do better in that price range? BTW I'm most likely going to buy at Fry's, as I need to be sure it'll fit in my backpack for carrying it around (the original reason for wanting a more compact tripod). (If I could also find a cheap one (~$20) also with a multi-directional head for holding smaller pocketable gadgets (even if I have to make something to mount them with as most of them don't have tripod screw sockets) like a radio, phone, zoom h2n (which does have a screw mount), etc, that'd be nice.)

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