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    Well, apparently something caused a stir at SONY's corporate nonsense center, because now there seem to be a serious push internally that would appear to be "listening to the masses" and what the users want in their future Full Frame shooter. Who knew?

    If fate were kind, there would be one more OVF that would be a tremendous build, with firmware upgrades to make use of the 36MP sensor. This camera would also be a full body unit, with more accessory points and RF remote control capability, both shutter release (remote AF focus activation and release) and and strobe control (trigger, ratio, and delay).

    Concept would be a 2013-release (if SONY could hold the migration back). Congrats to Canon for finally implementing RF triggering in the flashes. At least someone woke the heck up. That must have been a busy morning around there.

    Looks like the D800 is turning out to be just another run-of-the-mill release. Several instructors, here at the school, have yawned at the reported results... so, it would appear that the school won't be purchasing any in this FY. Hmmm, maybe I should put the brakes on and delay my departure until someone has something nice to say. Like I said, "what a mess." Just graduate and get out of this cyclone of stupidity.
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