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one man's opinion decimate your fun with photography, okay? It is my opinion of how it is impacting MY photography and the last time I checked, it was my finger on the shutter release, making the determination of what gets taken... and what doesn't.

Hey, I do not want to rain on anyone's parade. My goodness, if the SONY "herd" wants this, then feast away!
I suppose that by using "herd" to describe we Sony users is a bit of a derogatory term intended to imply that we can only follow rather than make our own decisions. I'll simply point out that you are joining a larger "herd" and note that this is a complete reversal of your earlier opinions.

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Personally, I have been shooting far too long and, yes, I have, first hand, experienced the SLT-a77 and NEX7 "drawbacks," right at the WPPI Trade Show, using them on the most elegant lenses ever produced. I know this is not the direction I want my photography to run in. Sure, the bells and whistles gadgetry have an allure... but, I have not been conditioned or manipulated by P&S technology... and my expectations are definitely a lot different when I pull that shutter release, as I truly "witness" what it is I want to capture.
Yep, you've had half an hour or so with two cameras that take quite a bit of rethinking to get the best out and you've made a snap decision (pun intended, sorry). On the other hand, I purchased an A77 last September, not because I want to go back to APS-C but because I wanted to see if I would be happy to transition to the A99 when it comes so any conclusions I reach are based on prolonged use of the actual technology.

I should also point out that I have the A900 and a previous 25 years experience with the next best thing, the Minolta 9000 so I do think my opinion counts for something even if it is diametrically opposed to yours.

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Despite that, the "never-going-to-be-made" a9xx DSLR... STILL would not be the "be all, end all" camera I really want to see and use. Sadly, it would have been the "natural" progression of the 36MP sensor, just like the Nikon D800 is, in my opinion. The SONY SLT-a99 is a clear departure from that. It is a little computer screen that you are viewing, not nature.
You're right that the A99 will be a departure from an OVF 9 series camera but that's the point, is it not? Sony are going in a different direction with SLT, the intention being to steal a march on the competition; remember that SLT is a transitional technology between DSLR and the mirrorless future. You're also correct that the EVF is a little computer screen and again, that's the whole point is it not? The EVF gives a better representation of the final image which pretty well eliminates the need for "chimping" unlike the real world view in the OVF which can be misleading.

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Enjoy your newest digital cameras, folks. They are more so, now, than ever before. Next, you'll be telling me how the camera (by itself) took a trip, somewhere, and you were able to capture images from the comfort of your computer laptop. Yeah, that's experiencing the "moment of creativity." You know something, been there, already... and done that.
You know what, that's claptrap and what's more it's patronising claptrap. By all means, tell me that EVF is not for you, I can understand that, I can even sympathise to a degree but don't tell me that creativity is the sole domain of the OVF user, that says more about you than it does about creativity.

Right now, you're just lashing blindly about because Sony are not marching to your tune. Just to take a few things you've said in the preceding pages.

"Stabilization is not as critical as it once was, with the higher ISO now in place"
So that's why CaNikon have stopped putting stabilisation into their lenses? No, of course not and it's still true that the lower the ISO, the better the IQ and that's not about to change any time soon.

In the Nikon D800, like the new SLT-a99, they both use the new SONY 36MP sensor.
Since when? We don't know what sensor will be in the A99 though the latest rumour says it will be 24MP.

but considering how bizarre, complicated and effectively unusable the new SLT-a77 and NEX-7 menus are tending to be...
Unbelievable! You've clearly not properly evaluated either camera. Your comments are so far from the truth that they are, quite simply, a joke.

Minolta abandoned the ISO-hot shoe... which led to a lot of people fleeing the brand. That was not good and probably began the path to bankruptcy.
Complete nonsense, of course. No one abandoned Minolta because they canned the ISO hot shoe in favour of one that supported extras like TTL functions and the like. Some folks didn't like that there was no backward compatability without an adapter but mass exodus, I think not.

With SONY incestuously providing the sensor to the Nikon... the connection for collaboration already exists! It is only the continual rape of the customer that prohibits the production of a unified RF-solution. Incestuous?? Sony sells Sensors, that's sound business sense and what it has to do with "a unified RF-solution" escapes me. If you want RF, there are third party solutions that work. It may come to a camera body at some point but I can tell you it won't be "unified".

I do not envision SONY ever running up to my door and saying, "Geez, Don... we screwed up. You had it right on the button,
At last something we can agree on; you won't be getting that knock on the door.

Look Don, I don't have an axe to grind here. It matters not whether you move to Nikon, Canon or wherever else you're happy, what matters to me is whether Sony are providing the tools which make it easier for me to acquire the shots that please me. Right now, I'm in a good place with SLT and NEX and see no reason why Sony will not continue to bring improvements and enhancements to the table.

That doesn't invalidate the opinion of many users who feel that the EVF is not for them; there again, an awful lot of folk said something similar when Minolta introduced AF back in '86 and an awful lot of folk subsequently changed their mind. Whether the same thing happens again I can't say for sure but I do suspect that the EVF is here to stay and the future is in EVIL cameras not the DSLR.

The EVF is not better than the OVF in all respects but is a lot better in some, so it's a question of weighing up the pros and cons and, of course, there are improvements to come and you can't do that without getting to market and using profits to pay for more development.

If you want a reasoned discussion about the merits/demerits of the system, I'm up for that, why not? Start by telling me how the EVF prevents me, or makes it harder to take an image that I might take with my A900 or you with your A850. And don't just tell me that the OVF view looks better, that's not in question and simply voices a preference.