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    The customers...

    Time and again,

    Despite what a company may or may not do, the customers are what keep it afloat. All you have to do is see the mistake Minolta (1996) made when it bet the ranch on changing the advanced hot shoe design for its camera system. Many pre-1996 users felt pretty "betrayed" when there were not a sufficient amount of adapters (FS1200 or FS1100) to make their implementations of flash systems work with both the old ISO investment or the old with the new. Camera store owners also felt this technological pinch and quit carrying the brand. That's a pretty strong response, Rooz. I witnessed it and it is sad that this corporation apparently learned nothing from it.

    SONY goes one even worse, by limiting their camera sales pretty much to online stores or boutique displays in the formal Sony Style stores. A professional, knowledgeable Customer Service is non-existent, as pimple-faced children step up and try to show you items you could care less about and/or are totally lacking any kind of formal equipment training they could share. That being rough enough for a fledgling camera competitor, but then changes to the heart of the very system that got them noticed... to only a static mirror or mirror-less technology, there again, leaving the-one-who-brought-you-to-the-dance standing alone, wondering... what went so wrong? This was not "Minolta reincarnated"... it was P&S technology run amok through an existing DSLR system... turning a DSLR-camera into a reduced-image producing hybrid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    Betrayal ? lol a little strong don't you think ?
    No, betrayal may sound strong, but when expectations of "invested" users are not realized... and it seems quite clear what these customers expect from the company... to not provide it under this "adoption clause" is just cause not only for concern, but breach of implied contract. I suppose a "class action" effort by all these disgruntled users could be motivational to SONY, also. There has to be some actionable level that these "system investors" can take to finally get the camera they are asking for developed and delivered, instead of being forced to adopt the currently inferior-system foisted upon them without their common support or request.

    Perhaps, a complete "buy-back" of all SONY or SONY-mount equipment, at the original price, might make for a nice starting negotiation point in such a legal argument, in order to facilitate this forced transition to a supported OVF-system.

    The customers are asking SONY to step up and give them a competing OVF-FF-camera, so they do not have to lose their investment in lenses or whatnot. They are asking SONY to adopt a more professional approach so that they can compete in the business of photography... with real tools. What's changed... other than SONY's direction on these customers? No... you may find a number of words that cover this. You still get the same feeling of a double-cross, leaving in a position you do not want to be in.
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