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    The fight that may make me switch...

    The pipeline says, "SONY will ONLY make the SLT-a99 as their FF-upgrade camera." There will be no more DSLR-style camera to come from their ranks. The last straw has been pulled and in a nutshell, they have given the DSLR business back to Canon and Nikon.

    To be quite honest about the marketing, incredibly, the new Nikon D800 and D800e are:

    "SONY inside!"
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    Why fight, when you can successfully switch?
    Through corporate collusion, THESE cameras are the SONY a9xx-upgrade DSLRs.

    If SONY actually went ahead with the a9xx... they would competing head-to-head with their own design. Stabilization is not as critical as it once was, with the higher ISO now in place. What had been the SONY-advantage is becoming irrelevant and does not even apply in the SLT-design. They are simply abandoning it to the other two companies and in-the-lens designs. As such, they are abandoning the Minolta-design, along with it. The great experiment ended quite differently and non-traditionally, that is for sure:

    Nikon became the default (manipulated) successor to the "Mind of Minolta" crown?


    In the Nikon D800, like the new SLT-a99, they both use the new SONY 36MP sensor. In the Nikon body, of course there is still the "change over" to the Nikon-menu system, but considering how bizarre, complicated and effectively unusable the new SLT-a77 and NEX-7 menus are tending to be... that may just be a blessing in disguise - the lesser of two evils.

    Unfortunately, those of us who are all currently stuck with our investments in SONY-mount glass and SONY proprietary hot-shoe flashes, have a migration to this new 36MP DSLR that will be little tough to make. I am sure the new, up-and-coming migration flock to the DSLT-a99 bunch will still be in need of higher-end glass, so sales of SONY/Minolta-mount glass should be swift, if a person prices his/her glass correctly. Of course, you could always sport both systems... which brings its own mixed blessings.

    Remember to twist the lens in the reverse direction, As you face the camera mount, SONY mounts turn to the right to lock, Nikon turns the "other way." More than a few lenses have been dropped or damaged due to this little annoyance.

    The shutter has been pulled, my friends, and the future fully-exposed. If you want to keep your OVF camera... SONY just sunk her flagship!

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    The Dark Side (~30% less light to the sensor) has won the day in the SLT-a99. Is low-light imaging all but impossible? I say, there is another way. Does Nikon become the low-light, real-image life-raft? Methinks OVF makes for strange bed-fellows.. and I fear that I do not see another ship in sight. 'Tis a dark day, indeed.

    What birthday present this is... The ceremonial end of school... and the unceremonious end of Minolta (SONY), as I knew it.

    @Rooz: As soon as you stop laughing your tail off: Sorry, Mate... move over a seat, will ya? And hand me an oar.
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