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    lol yes, you continue to argue the point and each time you are disappointed and Sony continues on their merry way in the opposite direction...so what does that tell you ?

    What your looking for already exists and has done for years, it started with the 5d and now includes superb offerings like the mkii and mkiii. Switch to Nikon and you have the d700, d800, d800e or if you really want to go pro, get a d4 and you have your hands on the best dslr ever made. Wait till next year and you'll also likely to have a d800s which will be a d800 with the d4 sensor.

    Alternately, stick with Sony and snap up the a99 which i bet will be fabulous for what it is. If you don't like any of those options, buy another a900, take big lights and accept the compromise.

    Minolta users are an irrelevant minority nowadays. I doubt anyone at Sony has even mentioned minolta is the last 2 years.
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