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    Canon S95 and weather

    I'm thinking about buying S95. I know that S95 is not weatherproof I want to ask how this handles light rain or light snow without accessories? Can I take some comments from S95 owners?

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    I would imagine it will die a sudden death one day if it spends too much time in rain unprotected.

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    I've used Cannon P&S cameras (SD300 and SD800) for the past 7-8 years for hiking, skiing, and all sorts of travel, and I've never protected them in any way except in the pouring rain. They held up remarkably well, and I would suspect that the S95 would do so as well.

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    I've owned the S95 for over a year now and can say it's held up quite well in various weather conditions. I have owned a variety of Canon p&s models (A80, A95, SD800, S3, S95) over the years with no problems whatsoever as I always exercised common sense (i.e. took reasonable - but not extreme - precautions) when shooting in less than ideal weather conditions.
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