Well, I'm pretty sure that Jason won't think I'm suggesting he is a P&S merchant.

I was simply pointing out that Sony's intended market was the P&S upgrader, a Sony exec said as much in an interview although I can't now remember his name. That NEX would generate such interest from the AAs and Pros was a surprise.

Given that, it will take time for Sony to flesh out a system and even than I can't see NEX as a "System" in the true sense. In terms of IQ and portability, the NEX is a great tool but at longer focal lengths it makes less sense and a body with more "heft" is desirable.

I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "Especially (in this case) if size, wide angle, and/or autofocus are important."

Regarding size, this advantage is lost once you go beyond "normal" lengths; for instance the E18-200mm at (75 x99mm) is bigger than the A-mount 18-200mm DT (73 x 85mm) so you can't exactly stick it in your pocket. At shorter lengths, size clearly becomes an useful advantage but all is not rosy when you get to the wide end where the short registration distance makes it harder to design a lens with decent borders; that can be seen with the 16mm. Even so, a range of small primes up to about 60mm or even 80mm will be of interest to AAs and Pros, I think.

Autofocus, is it that important at the moment? With the NEX focus aids I'm confident that I can aquire focus quickly enough with my MF Rokkors so they will suffice for me right now. That may change when the boffins crack on-sensor PDAF which may not be all that far away.