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    NEX 7 or E-M5 as main kit?

    First off, hi Don, Frank, Peek and the others from when I was here more a few years ago.

    I don't really have a forum "home" and since this NEX-7 is one of two big parts of this question, I figured I'd throw it in front of you guys.

    Sony has caught up on high ISO, one of my main complaints when I moved to the 40D.

    The glass has always been great, but they have filled in some of the prime holes. Like most companies crop still lacks wide primes at < f2 and < $1000, but the new E-Mount 24mm gives at least an option at 35mm equiv.

    My 5D is incredible. The pictures are great, it's easy to use. But I miss some things that newer cameras have. In body IS (not on NEX), sensor cleaning (aahhrrrggg!), live view for tripod use, and video. I also have an SD reader on almost every computer I touch.

    So I'm considering selling the 5D for either the NEX-7 or the new Oly OM-D E-M5. I ended up with a GF-3 (Panasonics tiny m43) and liked the format a lot. The camera is aimed at compact camera users, so the controls stink, but the images and portability are great. I have the 20mm f1.7, which is a great range and a nice sharp lens. Before this I probably wouldn't have considered mirrorless. The last time I looked it was the slow AF of the E-P1 and the lack of controls on the NEX-3 and NEX-5. All were pretty poor low light performers also.

    The Olympus is smaller and cheaper (body and lenses) but the NEX has a bigger sensor (and incredible high ISO).

    Any thoughts? Has anyone here done something like replace an A700 or A900 with a NEX-7? How usable is the E-Mount to A-Mount converter?
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