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    Why wedding photographers cost so much

    Interesting analysis of the cost of wedding photographers:

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    The woman who was complaining about the high prices would not completely understand the response that the photographer made once the gear, equipment and workflow starts to get listed. Hence her question and complaints...doesn't explain her sense of entitlement though about people who she thinks would love to photograph her and her wedding.
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    I thought it was a pretty poor response in general to be honest.
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    I could not get on the site at first as it must have been overloaded.
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    I agree with Rooz. Poor response. As the old saying goes... figures can't lie but liars can figure
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    $3000 for a professional photographer isn't expensive.
    A photographer doesn't just “...hang out at a wedding taking tons of photos and editing them...” Otherwise the couple can just give a kid a camera and at the end of the day pay him or her a few dollasr to edit them on photoshop.
    A wedding photographer have to know where to stand, how many batteries would last, ready all the time; and of course it involves much preparation and has good people skill.
    It's also vital that the photographer can direct people on different poses, as wedding photo isn't quite the same as sport shooting.
    And like mentioned in the link, poor response as it is, there is the price of camera gears. What I don't see is the cost of insurance.

    There is a way to pay cheaper than pro-photog, but the couple have to find one of the semi-pro.
    Personally, I have done some part time weddings. I can beat that price.
    At the beginning it was for the challenge but the more you are into it, it becomes very tiring routine which you can't lose concentratoin. Given the choice I'd rather do sports.

    Where am I going with this post? Well... some jokes aside, I'd say if you want a professional photographer then $3000 is reasonable providing you are happy with their port folio.
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    I don't really get the complainer; if she doesn't want to pay the price she can find a cheap photographer who's just starting out or a student... Don't get angry that this is the price. It's like getting angry at the grocer for charging too much for milk. Most brides want to properly preserve their wedding memories with beautiful pictures, and are willing to pay the price. If anything, I think pictures are one of the most important things to spend money on - it's the only thing that lasts.

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