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    Why have Micro 4/3 lenses on large-body cams?

    Is there any reason for having Micro 4/3 lenses on large-body cameras? (SLR-style bodies) Aside from the benefit of smaller size...

    I've owned a GH1 for a few months now, and can't figure out what use there was for putting Micro 4/3 on this cam. I see a whole list of performance drawbacks that small lenses come with, and the smaller bulk isn't what I'm thinking about when shopping for a larger-body cam like this.

    I completely understand Micro 4/3 on small-body cameras. Sure, the GH1 isn't quite as big as other entry-level D-SLR's, but I would NOT buy one again just for the slightly smaller size. I thought I understood Micro 4/3 before buying this, but I never came across a list of its serious drawbacks vs. larger lenses.

    I hope I'm just missing something. Any insight?
    (or let me just ask this question: Aside from less bulk, why should someone want the Micro 4/3 system on a larger-body camera?)
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