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    Opinions on Casio Exilims wanted - considering new Z750

    I'm considering the Casio Exilim Z750 that comes out in April. It sounds like the camera I've been searching for. Do the Exilims take great pictures? Are they reliable?

    Background on me:

    My Canon S100 died recently after 4 years of great photos. I want to learn how to use manual controls, but I need a camera that will take great photos on the automatic settings.

    I've been reading professional and user reviews and I'm driving myself crazy with all the analysis. But I anticipate using my new camera 3-4 years, so I want to be happy with it. The Canon A95 is probably my front-runner, but after holding cameras in the store I realize I really want a big LCD (Canon A95 is 1.8"). The new Casio Z50 sounds like the camera that will meet my requirements best (manual controls and a huge LCD). I played with the Z55 in the store and fell in love with the LCD and best shot modes.

    Any advice for me? Thanks for your time.
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    Thumbs up Low Light Performance of Z750

    I am also waiting for the introduction in April and the review on the Z750. One feature the previous Casio models lacked was the Focus Assist Light, and that made them less desirable to me. The reports showed poor performance in low light situations. The Z750 (per the Casio page) has the Auto Focus Assist Light and it also has an optical viewfinder which should improve it's low light performance. It sounds like a good (not perfect) camera! Sure is compact...

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    focused assist light

    Do the casio exilim z55 have the focused assist light. How would you guys compare the z55 to the canon sd300

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    Also lookin at z750

    I currently have an olypus stylus 300 which is too slow. I am looking to up grade. I am debating between casio z750 vs. nikon coolpix s1 anyone heard good/bad about either

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    I started this thread, so I thought I'd tell you what I ended up doing.

    I didn't wait for the Casio. I ended up ruling it out based on a lot of user comments I read on another site about current Casio cameras. (I don't know if I can say which site.) Even the person that runs that site, said cameras such as the Casio Z55 are a good camera, but you shouldn't expect it to take the same quality of photos as some other cameras such as Canons. Many owners said if they knew that, they wouldn't have bought theirs. (The Z55 was in a top 10 list with some other cameras so they assumed every camera on the list was a decent pick.)

    I got down to deciding between the Canon A95 and S70, when I happened upon the new Sony P200. Every user comment raved about it. And the reviews from the Sony P150 were very good. The P200 improved upon its shortcomings. I decided to buy the P200 and forego the manual controls, although it does have some. I'm thrilled with it! The pictures are sharp, exposed great, bright colors are vibrant, and skin tones are very nice. Also, the red-eye reduction really works! It also takes fantastic pictures in low lit rooms and even in the dark with the flash.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    Smile Exilim EX-Z750 Update

    If anyone is thinking of buying a new Casio Exilim EX-Z750 please visit the Casio Europe website for much more exciting details about this camera at this link:


    In addition, sample pictures have been posted at this casio world link:


    Also I found out by speaking to technical support at 1-800-435-7732 that unlike other compact and ultra compact cameras, the EX-Z750 does something no other camera in this class does: It has a super quiet optical zoom motor and so not only can you use digital zoom during movie recording you can also use optical zoom (and also during playback). That means you can zoom into your movie scenes at 24X combined optical plus digital zoom!!! Only the special super zoom cameras from Panasonic, Minolta, Canon and Sony can do this and they are much much bigger cameras (and more pricey).

    Although it's true that you might compromise some picture quality by purchasing the Casio versus Sony or Canon's ultra compacts do note that the Casio P700 won a DIMA award for best in it's class and the older Casio EXZ55 as detailed on Steve's Digicam reviews offers picture quality on a par with any other 5 megapixel camera including color quality. Note too that few users can discern much if any differences in print quality below 8" x 10" (which few have 13"x19" printers) when comparing 7 and 8 megapixel cameras because the printers themselves are limited to approximately a 300 dpi print quality and can't resolve the greater resolution afforded the current generation of digital cameras. Only when you get to 17" x 21" and larger is there much discernible differences. Yes, colors and saturation are different but easily changed either via print controls or camera controls or by PC software. So don't put too much emphasis on print quality. Instead put the emphasis on features & specifications because most of these new generation cameras are so close that only on PC's with high resolution LCD's are there really any discernible differences (personally I believe the Nikon 8800 and Minolta A200 have just about the best picture quality in Non-SLR cameras). But the Casio's are not far behind (if any) now with new generation digital processors. Comparing apples to oranges is a problem around the world so don't compare older generation Casio cameras with the new ones!

    So comparing features between the Casio EX-Z750 and the new Canon SD500 which got very good reviews (on this website: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/ca...ew/index.shtml) here is a summary of Casio EX-Z750 advantages over the Canon SD500:

    Optical AND digital zoom during movie recording
    Base mount for transferring pics and charging.
    2.5" LCD screen versus 2.0"
    30 scene modes versus 10
    .88" thin versus 1.04"
    175 grams weight with batteries versus 200 grams
    Full Manual focus versus none
    6 movie modes versus none (including silent)
    4 Art Best Shots versus Color swap
    Auto Macro versus manual
    More versatile histogram (on screen during framing)
    8x digital zoom versus 4x
    Full voice recorder (w/voice annotation)
    Battery CIPA 325 shots versus 160 shots (and cheaper)
    Motion (single and collage) Prints from movies versus none
    HTML in-camera album/website creator
    Burst mode 2fps equal to Canon's 2fps continuous
    Included album software
    Included Movie editing software
    Ex button for quick access to many manual controls
    Free focus option (anywhere on screne)
    Past movie function
    Dual capture continuous shutter (outputs framed and zoomed)
    Faster startup (slightly)
    Icon help (great for beginners or new users)
    On-screen gridlines
    ID photo function
    Triple timer (3 shots taken back-to-back self timer)
    Customized welcome screen (take that Microsoft!)
    Favorites folder
    Button customizer

    That said, the Canon SD500 has these advantages:

    2fps continuous versus 1.1 fps continuous
    1/2000 shutter verus 1/1600 shutter
    60fps movie mode (at 320 size)
    stronger flash to 15' versus about 9'
    zoom movie scrolling
    stitch assist mode
    10 shot timer verus triple timer
    closer macro (5 cm versus 10 cm)
    more user friendly

    Considering that the Casio burst mode is equivalent to the Canon's continuous it's doubtful many users would consider that to be much of an advantage which few people take more than 5-6 pictures of a scene anyway.

    I do love Canon's (& Sony's) photo quality. But after comparing picture quality on the EXZ55 versus the other equivalent 5 megapixel Canon & Sony cameras (not 7 megapixel) I can only see minor differences even on my huge HP L2335 23" LCD screen and almost no discernible differences in print quality of the EXZ55 on 8"x10" prints using my Canon IP4000 printer versus almost any Canon prints (even 8 megapixel prints from SLR's). All comparative prints were done using Steve's digicam sample pictures.

    So which would I buy? Well thats a tough question considerng the new Sony W7 and Nikon 7900 will be out soon too. But all things considered-features, size, battery life, movie zoom I think Casio is the current hands down winner at this time. It's an incredible set of features in such a tiny package. And the 24X movie zoom will be great when I go to hawaii for one of my kids wedding!!

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    Slide Shows Directly From Casio EX-Z750 to TV?

    Anyone know if you can connect the Z750 directly to your tv with a cable to view slideshows as you can with most cameras? From the link below, it looks as if you can only connect to a tv from the docking station. It would be great if you could use both the camera and the docking station this way so I could just leave the docking station plugged into my tv all the time. This might be a dealbreaker for me, since I wouldn't want to carry the docking station around to parties and family gatherings for slideshows. Those cables are enough of a pain to carry. Thanks! -Rich

    The following is from http://www.exilim.de/euro/exilimzoom/exz750/flexible/

    AV Socket
    TV show instead of slide show: Invite your friends and relatives to enjoy the best movies and photos in full format. Use the docking station AV socket to connect your EXILIM Zoom EX-Z750 to a TV set.

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    To dock or not to dock. That IS the question.

    And no, you can't hook the Casio directly to a TV without the docking station. That can be irritating sometimes. So is that a deal breaker? Depends I guess on your pocketbook and how you use the camera.

    If your using it mostly to take pics and then entertain your friends at THEIR place then yeah it might be a good idea to avoid the Casio.

    If like most people you use it to take photos that you process on your PC for albums, email, web pages, prints, etc. and only occasionally for showing off to your friends and family at their place then consider this:

    1) The Dock is the charger too. So by bringing it you don't have to worry about batteries going bye bye at the worst of times.

    2) The Dock is more stable. Cameras are expensive. In more than one circumstance, as cameras have gotten thinner and thinner, I have had the cable tension exceed the cameras ability to "stay upright" and the camera fell over (on a carpeted floor fortunately). So nowadays I lay the camera flat but darn it's a lot harder to see the camera that way (angled in the Dock is better). The angled dock is much nicer and can be used itself to show the pics with everyone having a better view (well, relatively).

    3) You can purchase additional Docks and hook up one to a printer, another to your PC, a third to a Big TV, and keep a 4th one around for mobility. It is SOOO nice being able to just drop the camera in the Dock instead of fighting with cables all the time and risk breaking the all-to fragile covers they put on them to hide the USB/Video outputs. It also means less mess as you can hook up to the BACK of the TV, to the BACK of the PC, etc and hide the cables from sight (mostly). Man, it just messes things up having a half dozen USB cables all over the damn place (and Video ones too!).

    4) Your pictures are not stored in the camera. They exist in the flash memory or other medium used to capture them. So you CAN just remove the memory card and buy another really really cheap older pic bridge/EXIF camera which uses the same memory type (and has a slide show/movie feature) and TAKE that to the party instead your pricey new ultra compact camera (assuming the player uses the same memory). Of course, that's a somewhat pricey alternative as is also buying more Docks! Buy hey, if someone steals or breaks THAT camera at the party then who cares!! It's possible to to find really cheap older cameras that do slides/video for less than $100 (here's an example: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...185-501&depa=7 which plays 640 video and shows slides and only cost $87).

    5) If your friends have the same (or compatible) camera, then remove the memory and use THEIR camera! Hey, that's what friends are for!

    6) Oh that's enough for me today. Food for thought I guess.

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    Exclamation Casio Z750 Available Now??

    My impression was that the Z750 was not available until later this month.
    Butterfly Photo has the camera listed as available, following is the info as copied from their site:

    Casio EXILIM EX-Z750

    Once you've got the new EXILIM Zoom EX-Z750 in your hands, you won't want to part with it: 7.2 megapixels, 3x optical zoom and a large 2.5-inch TFT colour display as well as an optical viewfinder.

    Our Price: $443.00
    Availability: Yes
    Get a Shipping Quote!

    Is this a "grey market" camera or the real thing? I ask here before I ask there to insure I get a credible answer...

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    Smile New Z750

    I purchased a new Casio Z750 on the internet Monday and got it this morning. Haven't read the instructions yet, but the controls are fairly intuitive. Great shots right out of the box. The battery had a slight charge on it. The movie mode quality is very good. I'm very impressed with the quality and functions of the camera. I'm wondering how much better the shots will be with the high speed SD ship. I should have a couple of Sandisk Ultra II 1 GB's tomorrow. You can not do optical zoom during movie mode, but the digital zoom is not that bad.

    The rapid shutter mode works great too. The only two functions I don't see advertised and are not in the camera: the alarm clock mode and selection of sounds during various button activations.....maybe a firmware upgrade latter.

    All in all very impressed

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