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    Use FZ-20 with spotting scopes?

    I was recently on a trip photographing winter wolves in Yellowstone Park that were usually 1/2 to 2 miles away. I had a 1.4 Canon Tele lens, but hurting for more magnification. Looking through the wonderful high magnification images in spotting scopes we had there, I wished I could photograph through them. Has anybody tried this and/or found and adapter that could be used with them?

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    There are adapters ..you might want to hunt at

    But I think you will find that the FZ cameras are not the best choice for digiscoping.
    But new things are coming out all the time.
    Kowa claims to be working on something that will make big zoom cameras more compatible but it is just in the planning stage.

    This forum is up on that sort of thing have a look.

    Then too you can stack lenses and get to about 1500mm optically a lot cheaper than a scope.
    Spend some time at the digiscoping forum .
    It really takes about a perfect setup to get good pictures and that can get very expensive.
    But if someone gets it figured out I will jump into it.

    one of these days I'll understand!

    Panasonic FZ20 & FZ30,FZ18
    D50 -- D80

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    I managed to couple my Sony DSC-w1 to a Simmons
    spotting scope(20-60X), it worked after a fashion.
    Trying the same rig on the FZ15 was hopeless,
    too much vignetting and focussing very difficult.

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