You have in your hands one of the most advanced technologies currently in use. I would say, other than Peter, there are no advanced members using the a65 or a77, yet. If there are, they're not speaking.

I am afraid you might be better served by going to, where many members have stepped up and bought these two SLTs. You, soon, will become one of the masters at how to make this particular camera sing and dance to your tune. Do not be afraid to experiment with the camera. It is in the extremes that we actually learn our limitations.

Speaking for myself, I can offer you the practical camera knowledge when using a SONY DSLR, but my personal experience stops at the a100, a700 and a850/a900. This "newer" technology is still outside my current need, although when they do release a Full Frame version, I will be a lot more interested in seeing what it has.

I hope you are now finding a path to resolving your issues.