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    Chongqing Jiaotong Daxue, Xuefu Dadau, Nan'an, Chongqing, P.R.China

    D'Oh! Homer Simpson Moments...

    I felt a bit of a Doofus today, perfect weather, the blue sky showing (very rare in Chongqing, P .R. China, they don't call this place the Foggy City for nothing) and wonderful light. I took the A300 for a walk...

    I spent the better part of 20 minutes snapping a Uni P.E class kicking a soccer ball, trying for that magic moment when the leg is in full stretch but the ball is yet to leave the contact with the foot. many shots close but not quite there... then I finally got one, peering at the LCD it looked just perfect, and the LCD blanked as it timed out it's display picture setting. Hitting the Picture Display button I went to bring it back from memory.

    No Card!

    My CF card was back in my staff apartment plugged into my laptop where I had been emptying it into the 1TB drive I bought for the purpose before heading over here.

    By the time I got to my apartment and retrieved the card, the P E session was over, and the light had lost that luminous feeling... The skies were greying out once more.


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    As you say D'oh - a guy at work went out last weekend and when he took his camera out of the bag there was no card in it either!

    With my Canon there is a setting and it will not let me take a photo without a card inserted - although this does not help until you actualy try to take a photo.

    As I sit here I have just seen my spair card sitting on my desk and it should be in my camera bag; I am going to do it now.

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    I always keep a spare card with me. I also never close my camera bag till i put my card back in the camera. I do the same when charging the battery. I don't have a spare battery yet. If I grab my bag and it is still open I know to check for the card. Unless the wife is helping me cleanup and she closes it for me.LOL sorry to hear that.

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    Forgetful me...

    I hate to have to admit it, but SONY inadvertently did us all a favor with the a900/a850/a700... by including their silly proprietary card slot for Memory Stick. No one that I know of routinely uses this slot as their media solution, but an empty slot is an "invitation" to be filled... so I stuffed a 8GB MemoryStick in there, as a "back-up" memory solution... and when I forget the CF Media because it still sitting in my PC's card reader device, from a forgetful download or whatnot... or even the possibility of a CF media overfill (egads!)... I have these 300-400 shots that I can quickly squeeze on MS media. I have to tell you, that little stinker slot has saved the day more than I care to recall. You just have to swallow the cost and fill it with something.

    I was going through my collection of CF media... and the weird part is that I have quite a number of these various sized cards... but, you have to cognizant that that 133x speed cards will not work in the a900/a850 camera body. It has to be the 305x or faster, so that really limits my options, in that regard. I try to keep the cards, as a whole and of the right type, in the associated camera bag. Of course, you get scads of shoots on all of them, as you swap them in and out of the camera. I download important shoots the night I take them, because the cards are small and could possibly get misplaced... or, god-forbid, stolen! Remember CFs and SDs work in a lot of other cameras and at $50-$400 a pop... make for a quick-grab target, if your camera is sitting by its lonesome.

    Knock on wood, I have not physically lost any cards, but I have misplaced them, from time to time. Only once, did I have a card fail when I started deleting files/images I did not want, looking to create some more file space... and all of the sudden... the entire contents were all gone or corrupted... and the card requested a media format. I am pretty sure it was because the card was SO FULL... it had no tangible temporary "swap space" left on it to manipulate the file deletions I had been making. I have since bought more cards and will not suffer the anguish of running out of memory media, again.

    I also find that if you keep your old shoots on your camera's media... you have another "backup" of what is on your computer. I do not always always have the PC ready to show my original and "groomed" shots from, so if I have the original shots still saved on my CF cards... well, there they are. I'm just sayin'...

    As an IS specialist, when it comes to available hard drive space, the rule is that you do not exceed 75% without having some thing ready to take over. Unfortunately, if you are using 2GB or 4GB media... that can rapidly become a very tight leash, with the RAW file sizes we are now using. I have since gone to 32GB and 64GB cards... which alleviate this "extra room" issue. I would gladly use 128GB cards, if the weren't the cost of a small mortgage.

    The new α65/α77 has a dual compatibility slot: Memory Stick PRO Duo™/Pro-HG Duo™/PRO-HG HX Duo™ media - SD, SDHC and SDXC memory card

    Now, consider that you can get a Lexar 128GB Professional 133x SDXC Card for under $200. Time is really wasting, here.
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    With 20 16gb card in the box it's never an issue.

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