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    Thumbs down The a900 production ends?

    Well... it is hard to conceive SONY would discontinue the α900, leaving themselves with only the trouble-plagued α77-SLT at the top of the heap. Yes, version 1.03 may have solved some issues, but still... removing the last "old reliable" OVF-DSLR seems truly counter-intuitive. A lot people are looking to migrate their FF lenses to a FF body... not the substitute APS-C. Leaving the populous, who are invested in the higher-end lenses to this alternative... man, IMO, that's not good.

    Admittedly, my α700 gets relatively little use, even as a backup. Migrating lenses from it to the α77 works, of course... but again, for me its Full Frame or forget it.

    I would have appreciated discontinuing the a900 when they get closer to its replacement, unlike the faux pas they did with the α700... trying to make up ground by promoting the α580 as a suitable substitute. I'm telling you, with the rather unique "remote" capability gone, it is a lesser camera, no matter how good the sensor may be. That "feature" has yet to be properly replaced ANYWHERE in the SONY line-up.

    Admittedly, it is just one man's opinion... but hey, I count too! As far as I am concerned, they have a lot of extra work to do before releasing the a99. It should NOT be just an over-sized a77.
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