I have had an A77 for about 10 days. It's worked fine until today, when it stopped working showing the following symptoms:

Battery was reasonable (44%), but sticking in a new one changed none of the below. Card was not full, but sticking in an empty one changed none of the below.

1. Camera will not take photos at all. Half-depressing the shutter realease will not focus, and pressing the release will not record photo.
2. Following the "take the battery out" etc. route as per the manual makes not a jot of difference. Same behaviour.
3. Cannot review images already taken.
4. Top viewfinder shows "333".
5. Menu is accessible on photo settings, but no settings can be changed.
6. Menu not accessible on playback at all.
7. Reset as per manual suggests that A77 will reboot will take place once factory settings have be restored. Tried this twice and no reboot after 5 minutes. Tried again and left it "rebooting" and went for a pint. Returned to find "battery exhausted" when I had inserted a fresh battery before the third attempt.

On a positive note, I have an A900 and an A700, and if this one will ever work again, it will be a worthy successor to the A700. I have taken video of the dog Rico, and the AF worked just fine, and taking pictures of a heron in flight in dim early-morning light worked out well. The EVF is extremely bright, and the info displayed, spirit level and multi-point focus 'blocks' are different to the other cameras noted, and are useful additions thanks to EVF.

Oh, golly. The A77 has an APS-C sensor according to this thread. Ooer.