I have a SONY cyber shot DSC-H5...and it is dying but still my favorite of my cameras...so how about this 'new' HX100V ?????? Sales person at Sony store couldn't give me a good answer (or probably I didn't grasp the info) regarding if the HX100V is compatable with my Mac?? I have MAC OS X 10.6.8. Will the HX100V work just the same with my computer as does my old DSC-H5?
By the way...I purchased a Nikon Coolpix P90 when my Sony DSC-H5 started acting up and don't much like the Nikon...I always rely on my DSC-H5 when I really want a good pic...even though
it is now lasting on a battery charge for only about 3-4 photos.....which I understand is 'normal' for the aging DSC-H5 ....anyway...this is where I am and thinking maybe the Sony HX100V will
be a renincarnation of my favorite the DSC-H5?????????????????? BUT IT HAS TO WORK THE SAME ON MY MAC!!!