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    Thumbs up Tearing into summer...

    For the past year, my S.O. and I have not only been busy fighting mother nature at her finest, but putting forth a ton of effort to reinvigorate the interior of the house. Last Thanksgiving and Christmas, the south end of the living room was tackled, by enlarging the southern portal into the kitchen from 32" inches to a full 48", it opened the room up completely, allowing for easier negotiating by people we had over during the holidays. I knew the additional eight-inch width was a success, not by the compliments it got, but by the reduced number of accidents, "dropsies" and complaints. There weren't any.

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    Also, removing the old stone fireplace and replacing it with a new marble, granite & wood construct certainly brightened the room. We even had recessed electrical outlets placed in the top and a new wall switch, so that Christmas decorations could be easily operated upon it, without the nonsense of draped wiring all over it. Due to contractor obligations, the electrical was recently completed.

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    This summer, we have decided to go after the northern part of the kitchen and enlarge the second portal into it. Instead of the door framed 28" passage that existed (hardly useful), it is now a full 36" wide and the door frame removed, giving it a uniform portal appearance, like the other end. Organization in the kitchen had changed, also... having to remove the 30" wide refrigerator from the one side to the other side of the portal. Believe me, it's not an easy change, as 'muscle memory' has you going to its original location, more often than not.

    As if that were not enough, the bedroom across the hall is being opened up, removing its projecting close and another wall portal placed in the room, to allow it to become a semi-formal dining room. Completion of this aspect is the true masterpiece of all the reconstruction, as you can look from the kitchen's sink, on one side of the house, and see into both rooms on the opposing side. This could never be done before, from that location. Call it "Mom control!"

    Once I get the pictures organized, I will add them to this posting. The place is a true mess, but the weird part is... I can see the finish line. Through my photography exercises and efforts, I can conceptualize and visualize the end product. My friends, that is cool.
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