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    How essential is Digital Speed 100MB/s Class 10 500X high speed standard on HX100V?

    The store I bought my DSC-HX100V called me after I ordered to tell me the 8 GB media I ordered which was 100MB/s was not high quality enough,and that I'd have to pay $30 more for a 4 GB card with the standard in the subject line to ensure I don't get blurry pictures every 7th to 8th photo. They even went as far as to say, that the preview would not show the problem. Well along I went and figured well if I must, I must. I get the camera, and tested a PNY SDHC card just for kicks to see what happens. 12th photo no problem. Am I home free with this card, or might I not see a blurry picture in 20, 30, 40, 50 pictures? How soon can I know for certain that it is error free enough to avoid blurry pictures? Or must I spend 3 times as much for the card to ensure that I don't get blurry pictures? Has anyone with the above "better" standard still gotten as frequent blurry pictures through no fault of the camera setting or stability of the photographer's place?
    Please only photographers who have tested this camera who know the media world chime in, as I'd really like to have some scientific basis for spending more in the future before I do so.
    Thank you.
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    Slower speed memory cards cannot cause blurry pictures. They might cause the camera to slow down when shooting in burst mode, but it won't every cause a decrease in image quality. I'm not even convinced your camera needs class 10 speed to begin with. Since you can buy a high quality 4GB class 10 card for under $10 I think you were taken. I'm not sure what company you bought from but this is a standard tactic of disreputable high pressure online retailers.

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    You've been had...i still use class ii on my a900 and on nikon with video..no problems

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    +1 what he said.

    They are trying to rob you. You could use a class 2 1GB SD card and it would make absolutely no difference to the quality of the recorded image provided you weren't trying to take too many shots in burst mode.
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    Definitely been had!
    You should ring the store and speak to the Manager.
    Threaten to sue if they don't refund the difference.

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