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    Whats with all the spammers recently Jeff?

    Every day there are spammers on th site at the moment. Some moron has just posted five spam messages. What's the problem with the spam filters? Have they been relaxed?
    Maybe it's time for all new members to have their first couple of posts moderated.

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    The spammers look more like humans rather than bots as the posts are more personalised towards the threads. There is not much you can do about that although I run a forum and new users have to answer two questions relavent to the forum content. This killed spamming straight away but here it could be harder as you need questions that a new camera user could answer but a spammer would not know.

    I would introduce something that stops links for the first few posts; but spamming here is not bad and as long as the members keep reporting it it will be cleaned up.

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    There really aren't any spam filters, aside from the question/answer thing when they register, and hundreds of blocked IPs and domains. Best thing to do is keep reporting and I'll keep banning IPs.
    Jeff Keller
    Founder/Editor, Digital Camera Resource Page

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    Oh the irony!

    Post reported.

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