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    While I am not too keen on incorporating video ...

    Still photography is still my vote with my camera. Call it ... concentrating on the specifics. Adding cinematography just kind of muddies the waters.

    "Rooz", using your contention, the Nikon D3x was a serious development ... and I have noticed the rush for all the students in the school to buy one. Oops, my bad. That's not quite true. They are electing for the D7000 or Canon EOS 7D. There was something said about coming up with $7-8000 that is a little prohibitive. The α700 was the fulfillment of a promise to the Minolta faithful. It provided a camera that was complete and could compete. It is up to the user to make it sing. That part has always been key to the argument.

    You have to admit, for affordable cameras, SONY has been able to chop, not "hack" away at the still photography market is remarkable. They went in with putting a good edge on an "old axe" and blazed a solid trail. Then, with the advent of the "chainsaw" division (SLT & NEX), have begun establishing a noticeable presence in the market. All they need is a New Axe ... one that is sharp enough to take on and take down the bigger trees. Affordable photography will level the playing field.

    New big axe -> 2012? Perhaps.

    The α99 on September 9th? Whoa baby. That would be remarkable and let the market devastation begin.

    I not saying, "All hail SONY"... but, then again, why complain? They may be the only keeping prices from going the way of Hasselblad. That, dear friend... would not be good. Competition is.
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