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    Thumbs up TAMRON SP AF 60mm f/2 Di-II MACRO 1:1 LD (IF)

    Just as a casual observation that one might have at the store, my experience with the other TAMRON MACRO offerings makes this evaluation rather solid.

    First thing that I noticed was that the packaging of this lens has changed from what TAMRON has used in the past. It would actually be hard to recognize it as a TAMRON lens in a stack of the older TAMRON boxes (pre-2010). I also feel the box construction could be pretty minimalist in contrast. The SIGMA's box is about a mil or two thicker.

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    Regardless, the lens is super quiet and fast as heck getting to the proper focus, for a MACRO. That alone, cuts down the absolute aggravation of just barely missing the focus point and then having to wait as the focusing system crawls from one end of the focus gear to the other and then back to the focal point.

    The lens is a f/stop darker than the standard SONY 50mm f/1.4 ($369) ... but then again, it is an f/stop brighter than the SONY 50mm f/2.8 MACRO ($479). So, getting this lens for $399, after the $100 rebate, sounds pretty cool and just about right.

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    The image is as sharp as you could hope for and IMO should be the perfect lens for 1:1 MACRO work on the APS-C sensor cameras. Again, I want to mention that there is no reason you could not use this on the Fiull Camera, too. The only difference is that you will get an 11MP image, rather than the full frame 24.6 MP. To get the larger resolution, you would have to use the original 90mm Di MACRO lens.

    Image taken with α700 w TAMRON SP AF 60mm f/2 DI-II 1:1 MACRO LD (IF) lens
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    Oh look, there's the new SIGMA 85mm f/1.4

    Discussing the 60mm f/2 Di-II MACRO on the α850/α900 Full Frame: It vignettes in Full Frame (24.6 MP), but works just dandy in the APS-C Capture mode (11MP). That was a question mark to me, as SONY DT lenses automatically cause the camera to choose this APS-C mode of operation when you mount them, but the TAMRON Di-II does not. You will have to select it when you use the lens.

    I'll have more, later on. But, from all issues I had with using the other MACRO lenses, in the past, this 60mm f/2 seems to be everything they said it would be. It's duality of the smaller sensor and full frame make it a solid addition. Nice.
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