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Thread: Lens Adapter

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    Lens Adapter

    I purchased aTokina at-x lens from ebay I wanted to use on my Olypus E600 but I need the right adapter for it because I guess it called analog lens. I bought a fotodiox MD-4/3 Adapter but it was the wrong kind fit camera but not lens any help would be appreciated. the lens is a sd 100-300mm 1:4 077. Sorry im new at this thank you

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    We are missing a key piece of information. You bought a Minolta lens to 4/3rds adapter, but you do not say what lens mount is on the Tokina. From your text it would seem to not be a Minolta mount. All camera lenses are analog devices although some may have been designed to fit digital cameras. A picture of the lens mount on the Tokina might help someone identify it. However, since it is not an Olympus lens you may get better results posting that photo on the general DSLR thread. Did you contact the seller to find out the lens type?

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