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    A few things I've ran into while using this.

    1. Sometimes it will stop transferring. Usually I'll just go to networks on the iPad, turn the wireless off and back on and rejoin the card. Sometimes I have to totally turn the camera off and on and rejoin the card before it'll start transferring again.

    2. Twice now I've gotten an Err 02, card not formatted error. When this happens, turn the camera off(wait for the images to finish writing), pull out the card, put it back in, turn the camera back on and it's back to normal. I believe this happens mostly when you've shot a lot of pictures at once and have filled up the buffer.

    3. I've decided this tool is best for reviewing pictures AFTER you're done with a set. It's too slow to try and review pictures as you're taking them(for what I do anyway) and it will slow you down significantly. So now I just open shuttersnitch when I'm done with a small set and am about to move to another and let them transfer.
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