This is really a good article and inspired me to get set up with the eye-fi to use with my Ipad 2 and my 5D mark II. I went and purchased the eye-fi connect x2 and used my exsisting SD to CF adapter ( ). Unfortunately it did not work. Both my 5D mII and my 7D was not able to read nor format the card. I worked on regular SD cards.

So my questions are... :

1. SD to CF Adapter: Do only certain brand of adapter work? If so, can someone post a link on where I can get a known brand that works?

2. Eye-Fi: In the article, only the x2 Pro and the x2 mobile were mentioned. Does it mean that my x2 Connect will not work?


I tried the Eye-Fi X2 Connect with my G11, IPAD 2 with the Eye-Fi IPAD app..... works like a charm!!!! - but I need it to work with either my 5D MII and 7D for production work.. Can someone help??