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    Finally got my website up!

    Hey guys, I finally got my website up


    it's nothing amazing, but I'm happy with it and its the best i could do creating it completely myself.

    I need feedback on it so please let me know what you think and post a link to yours so i can get some inspiration

    just need to finish the about me page... something about writing about myself gets to me.

    anyway thanks!
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    Very nice. Congratulations.
    The respect of those you respect is greater than the applause of the multitude.

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    The website looks great. Lots of nice picture. However, your thumbnails need work.

    It seems to me they only show the upper left corner of the picture, while it would be better if they showed a resized square crop of the image. With the thumbnails as they are, they might just as well not be there at all.
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    The site is looking good and all works although it seems slow to load the different sections.

    The thumbnails are not always the top left; there is a chain of thought that instead of creating a thumbnail of the whole image - this is what I do as it is easier you should create a thumbnail of the most important part of the image.

    This is my personal site and it is a bit of a mess as I try different programming methods out on it and do not keep it up to date
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    Basic but functional. It looks pretty good but I would be a little concerned about the logo as it tends to read Edar instead of Cedar

    It would help your search engine rankings enormously if you could write a description for each image

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    Felt my gallery needed a bit of a change and here is the new version: http://www.rubble.info/gallery/
    There are a couple of anomalies with some of the EXIF data at the moment; mainly due to the fact it gets lost some times with the editing.

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