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    Help?! General Camera

    Hi, I'm a teenager and I've loved photography for ages anyway
    I use Photoshop alot and I'm quite good at using it, however I tried taking some of my own photos but my camera is just sooo old
    It's a Fujifilm 6MP and doesn't take very good photos
    I was wondering about buying an SLR but a cheap one with a good quality maybe 12mp or more? Is there any cameras that you guys think are suitable for a 14 year old who is taking media as a GCSE? I live in England btw Thanks

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    It shouldn't be too hard to get an SLR on a budget, particularly if you are willing to buy used. Bodies tend to depreciate in value a lot. The prices of lenses is another story but you can do fine with a basic prime lens. Many people do. What are you looking at budget wise?
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    A DSLR will be Ok if you don't mind toting a bag for the extra lens(es), etc. There are point-and-shoot models with better IQ than the old Fuji, likely more zoom as well. If you like to browse these threads may give you better ideas -



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