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Firstly, you have picked one small snapshot in time and one model progression. Go back further to see what sony was doing which has reallybeen their modus operandi. Secondly, the a55 is not a dslr. It is a new type of product just like the nex. Going by your logic we should see revolutionary enhancements to the a56...aint gonna happen.
I'm just having a hard time understanding what you wrote, Sony have just released two revolutionary cameras (A55 & A33) with a third being released this year sometime, which are huge steps ahead of the cameras they're replacing, but I shouldn't judge Sony on this because up until September last year they've been releasing too many cameras that aren't much different from each other or the models they replaced? Maybe it could be they've listened to their customer base? or just decided if they wanted people to upgrade to the next model it has to be 'much' better than the one it's replacing? could it be they're changing their ways? could it be they intended it to be this way all along (releasing many models to keep the KM fans and get the name out there, then spend the next couple of years on R&D to really shock the market and make themselves different from the Canikons, therefore attracting a new customer base)?

And as for the A55, if you really want to get technical, no you can't call it a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, but it's still a digital camera that has detachable lenses, only one small item within the camera has changed, besides that it's identical to a DSLR. It's a technology that is hanging around and a move forward (progression), I'm more interested to see if the Canikons pick it up, Pentax might as they use Sony sensors.

Peekayoh - I agree, it looks like my entry into the Sony market was perfect, but even if I had bought an A700 early on my natural progression would've been towards the A900 when I wanted to upgrade.