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Why is it ego-centric to have your own best interests at heart? I mean, last time I checked, it was MY money that was getting spent ... and not a single other person has run up to me and said, "Don, Don, here ... invest this." I mean, do I look like a politician or something? This is MY part of the world and welcome to it, as far as it all goes. When someone starts stuffing cash into my pockets ... fine, but egocentric? No. I simply know what I want ... and it is not the NEX, okay? If you want to decorate your walls with this "lens cap" device, have at it. You will be hard pressed to know it even exists around here.

Again, one of the knocks on the NEX is that it is not an Alpha-mount. You need E-mount lenses, if you do not have the adapter and the last time I checked, the lenses cost even more than the Alpha-version. Plus, ask yourself: "Self ... do I want duplicate lenses for ANOTHER system made by the same company?" Good lord, how much moolah do you have? It's bad enough that I have to spend what I do for the lenses I have for ONE system.

Things change and I suppose we are simply waiting for the tide to shift ... AGAIN!

Is a little standardization too much to ask for?
It is ego-centric when you say Sony is doing everything wrong because they are not doing what YOU would like them to do.
It would be fine if you said you don't agree, but saying they're going in the wrong direction, etc. because you don't like it, is not. They are selling lots of the NEX cameras. The market has spoken, and Sony is a for-profit corporation, after all. We know you don't like them, but lots of people do and have spoken with their wallets. I think you are regretting getting into the Sony system (don't like where they are going), though I doubt you'll admit it.