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Rooz, I don't get your point either unless you mean the A33/A55 are limited to auto exposure at 10fps.
I doubt you are mixing up the AF operation on the DSLR with the SLT where, with the A450/550/560/580, the higher frame rate of 7fps is fixed focus.
Maybe you are pointing to the drawback of the EVF blacking out with the shutter. I can imagine that this will be improved by the faster response of the OLED EVF and maybe Sony have found other enhancements.
that is exactly what i'm referring to. it is not 10fps in the traditional sense of the word. thats not necessarily a big criticism but an observation that the 10fps is acheivable but with caveats.

yes, perhaps sony have figured out how to fix it and how to avoid the almost full minute downtime after the 10fps is used.

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Look, until I have the darn thing in my hands, it will be rather difficult to speculate what is CAN DO.
yes, it is difficult but not inconceivable. you just need to use common sense. i doubt there will be any surprises in the spec of the a77 to any rational observer...although given your constant rhetoric and criticism about sony, i dont anything they do will keep you happy.

Why muck around with little junk? There is plenty of that now. Almost everybody has a APS-C DSLR that wants one. It is a hell of an investment, once you start throwing glass at it. Typically, near $10,000 when its all said and done ... and you're still never quite content. Seems like everyone forgets that part.
well cos thats where the market and the money is. you seem to forget that you represent a minute fraction of a percent of the market. most people arent going to do or want what you propose.

the SLT's and NEX's are way off the mark for you but they are massive hits with the market; in fact sony's ONLY hit with the market relatively speaking. sony is a mass market consumer company first and foremost, not a niche top end camera/ optical company. they found their place and they will be superb at taking advantage of that.