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    Lightbulb Exploring the novelty of SONY

    One of the major challenges with the SONY Alpha System has been the lack of information about up and coming products. The biggest knock has been, just like nuclear weapons, that SONY will neither confirm or deny where they are going with their camera line. It is complete supposition by the buying public.

    I have to say, for me, as well as many others ... this has cost them dearly in NEW business sales as well as keeping the bridge up between older, more dedicated users.

    I can say I am not an aficionado of this particular business plan. Personally, I believe it has more negatives about it than many, if any, positives. If anything, it is silly to think that Canon or Nikon would be that much more benefited by knowing Sony's battle plan, as they simply cannot keep up. But, they sure can mop up the floor with all the people who have jumped ship because of this sad and poor informational support.

    With the 3D market now on the horizon, again we are faced with new ideas and some serious product choices, but no real support. For a fledgling market ... I am left wondering if SONY is planning to, once again, leave its customers adrift and pondering what kind of future they can plan on?

    If anyone is reading this .... drop a line.
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