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    You don't say which Sigma 10-20 you're thinking of. As I said above, I think the older Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 is slightly better.

    The Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 also seems to be pretty good, according to the review at Lenstip.com. It gives a wider maximum aperture than even the f/3.5 Sigma, at the loss of being not quite so wide at the wide end, and more chromatic aberation (which can often be corrected in post processing).

    If you think you might be wanting to use it in low light conditions, the wider aperture could be useful. At these short focal lengths, you're not going to get very shallow depth of field anyway (and I think you said your main interest is landscapes, so you'll probably want maximum depth of field).

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    Quote Originally Posted by vytasusa777 View Post
    tripod and filters, 18-55 canon lens and more stuff for camera,
    Save your money and use what you have and learn to use it properly. The ultra wide lenses previously recommended are going to introduce other issues to your photography such and distortion and curvature. The 18-55mm lens that you own is more than wide enough for vast landscapes, in fact you will probably find it's too wide at the 18mm end a lot of the time.
    Buying lenses will not solve problems of poor technique or lack of photographic understanding all it will do is pay commission to a salesperson.
    Take some shots and post them on this site and ask for comments. You will soon learn where you are and where you need to be heading.
    If you really want to buy something try some decent photographic books that will cost way less than a lens and will teach you much, much more. Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson is one such book.

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    That is great general advice K1W1, I'll have to remember this thread to cut and paste from in the future
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