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    Red face No matter where ya go ... SNOW!

    I got slowed down by it, last night (2/1), around 3PM ... and took 1-1/2 hours to do what I usually do in 25 minutes. After that ... people were in serious trouble if they were still out in it.

    So, since we speak in pictures, I know that the good lord must love my spouse, because he excavated her Honda Ridgeline (aka - the Baby 'Lanche) from the eighteen-inch deep (so far) recorded snowfall. Even cleared the doors off for a clean entry. I swear, her truck has been in the driveway since noon, yesterday, untouched. Yeah, I admit, mine is looking pretty easy to get to, also, but it's a Chevrolet Avalanche ... and Mother Nature wouldn't dare. Although, it feels a whole lot further away. Heck, the front side walk has a four-foot snow drift sitting on it.

    The Blessed Wife ...

    Attachment 56253

    Digging out the rest of the driveway ... well, where are those darn Carhart snow pants?

    BTW: See that vertical stick to the left, sticking out of the snow? That's three feet or so at the top. It marks the sidewalk for just this reason.

    Lots to see? Post 'em

    Front Window

    Attachment 56254

    Front Window (Detail) - street sign buried

    Attachment 56255

    EDIT: Spent a couple hours throwing snow ... and then the snow-thrower found my spouse's hidden wire fencing along the pathway. Yep, the thrower had it for lunch and got a nasty tummy-ache. Took about twenty minutes of colorful language, unbending and serious twisting with a pliers to get the 10 or so feet of wire out and the machine ready to go, again!
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